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Seamless steel pipe
We can makes and markets cold-drawn and hot rolled seamless steel pipes without a seam or a weld-joint.
Alloy steel pipes
Alloy steel pipes
DM Special Steel Ltd supplier alloy steel pipes & tubes as ASTM A213,A335 and A333 used for many different purposes.
Welded pipes and tubes
Welded steel pipes
Welded steel pipe is a tubular product made out of ERW, HFI, EFW, LSAW, DSAW and UOE type
Weldable Components
Weldable Components
Weldable components are used to connect pipes.
ASTM A333 Grade 4 alloy pipe shall be made by the seamless or welding process with the addition of no filler metal in the welding operation.
Stainless Pipes and tubes
Stainless Pipes and tubes are made from more than 20 steel grades of various corrosion...
SSAW pipe
SSAW pipes
Spiral submerged arc welding(SSAW) is its forward direction and forming tube centerline hose reel molding angle (adjustable).

Types of Abrasion resistant pipes Are Available?

Seamless steel pipes / tubes

We can makes and markets cold-drawn and hot rolled seamless steel pipes and cold-drawn special-section seamless pipes which are widely applied in the industries of petrochemical, boiler, automobile, mechanica...

+ Seamless steel pipes by standard
Structure engineering
+ Seamless steel Pipes by applications
Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes
+ Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes

Pipe fittings

Weldable components are used to connect pipes. Below are our available Weldable components that will meet your project needs.

Weldable components

We will help you put together your entire project and ship it to your closest port. We ship globally!

Standard we supply

Most common Alloy pipes & tubes

Regardless of custom sizing or specifications, the fundamental design of most flanges falls under six common styles created to close, connect, cover, or support pipes and pipe systems.

ASTM A335 P22 alloy steel pipe
Chrome Moly Pipe
ASTM A335 Pipe (ASME S/A335, Chorme-Moly) is a seamless ferritic Alloy-Steel Pipe for high temperature service.
Seamless pipes for high temperature and pressure service
Low Temperature Pipe
ASTM A333 (ASME S/A-333) Pipe grades permit low temperature service.
Steel Alloy Boiler Pipes stock
Backed by a team of professionals and sound production unit, we have been able to provide our clients...
High Temperature service tube
High Temperature service tube are typically knows as heat exchanger tube, which operates at 400 degree Celsius to 1100 degree Celsius.
EN 10216 non alloy steel tubes
This part of EN1026 specifies the technical delivery conditions in two test categories for seamless tubes...
ASTM A519 carbon and alloy steel mechanical tubing
ASTM A519 mechanical tubing
ASTM A519 specification covers for several grades of carbon and alloy steel mechanical tubing, either hot-finished or cold-finished.
ASTM A213 T5b Seamless alloy tube

Welded pipes by Welding process

DM Special Steel Ltd produce an extensive selection of welded steel pipe including ERW, HFI, EFW, LSAW, DSAW and UOE type carbon steel pipe along with their respective flanges and fittings.

ERW pipes
A plate rolled to become a pipe and welded using Electric Resistance Welding process.
UOE (Uing and Oing forming) Pipes
UOE (Uing and Oing forming) Pipes
J-ing, C-ing and O-ing pipes
J-ing, C-ing and O-ing pipes
Spiral submerged-arc welding pipes
Spiral submerged-arc welding pipes
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About DM Special Steel Ltd

Our team are highly trained and experienced in servicing and producing all types of steel supplies. Whether you've got a large construction project, or need parts for industrial machinery, our team of steel fabrication consultants will ensure that your project is provided with the parts you need, when you need them.